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Preparing for Pandemic Flu

07 May 2009

PHS Direct, part of the PHS Group, is experienced in working with businesses to developing products in preperation for an outbreak of Pandemic Flu.

The nature of Pandemic Flu strains, such as Influenza A H1N1 (Swine Flu), is that they have the ability to spread quickly through the population and affect all age groups. In light of the current Swine Flu outbreak, PHS Direct has collated some useful business pointers on 'Preparing for Pandemic Flu' to protect your staff and customers from the virus.

Flu is transferred from person to person via direct contact or respiratory droplets, or picking up infection from hard surfaces (where the virus can remain dormant for up to 72 hours) and transferring them to the mouth or nose.

There are two main ways of protecting people from pandemic flu and stoping the spread of the virus to others - Barrier Method including using clean tissues and masks and the Removal Method  for increased personal hygiene.

PHS Direct supply a range of Barrier Products such as paper masks and FFP3 masks and Removal Products  such as hand sanitiserSafe Zone antibacterial surface spray and alcohol based A-Wipes.

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