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Urinal Sleeves

Urinal sleeves are an excellent way to avoid urinal blockages at the same time as controlling malodours. The Eco-shield, Spectrum Sleeve and Eco-mat urinal sleeves, which are exclusive to PHS, reduce on-going maintenance and create a more pleasant experience for everyone using your washrooms.

Our urinal sleeves incorporate Nurazyme bio-block technology, so there is no need for harmful cleaning chemicals or urinal blocks.

Eco-shield Urinal Sleeve


The very latest in fragrance and bio-block technology reduces the problems of urinal smells and blockages.



Significantly improves the washroom environment by reducing smells and blockages whilst maximising urinal hygiene

Spectrum Sleeve

Spectrum Sleeve

Uses Eco-shield's technology to ensure that Twyford Spectrum urinal bowls can benefit from PHS's urinal sleeve

When used in combination with Flow-saver Water Management System, our urinal sleeves will give you the ultimate in urinal hygiene and efficiency. Click on the images above or product categories to the left to find out more about urinal sleeves from PHS Washrooms.

Water and Energy Savings

To find out more about how PHS Washrooms can reduce your water and energy costs visit our savings calculator below.

reduce your water and energy costs with our savings calculator

A mains-operated non-aerosol air fragrancing and odour neutralising unit for both inside and outside the washroom.
Air-o-matic air deodoriser and freshener 2014 from PHS
A selection of 6 modern and vibrant colours.


The Designer Collection of Washroom Products 

Uses approximately 80% less energy than a traditional hand dryer.

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