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Eco-shieldTM Urinal Sleeve

Award-winning Eco-shield urinal sleeve from PHS will help to eliminate urinal smells and blockages. It uses a two-in-one fragrance and bio-block to break down uric salt and limescale, using natural enzymes and friendly bacteria. Benefits of Eco-shield urinal sleeve include:

  • Protects against urinal smells and blockages
  • Measurable cost savings
  • The latest in bio-block and urinal sleeve technology
  • Regular, no-hassle servicing

Eco-shield urinal sleeve enhances the appearance of and significantly improves the male washroom for staff, visitors and customers, and now incorporates a Red Berry fragrance block.

Used in conjunction with PHS' Flow-saver Water Management System, Eco-shield urinal sleeve can help to save up to 96% of water used to flush urinals when compared to an uncontrolled cistern.

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Unique Technology

Through its Nurazyme™ bio-block and unique one-way odour trap ‘shield’, Eco-shield protects against urinal smells and blockages by breaking down the build-up of uric salt and limescale using natural enzymes and ‘friendly’ bacteria. Eco-shield's unique design including a larger aperture reduces blockages which keep urinal traps and pipe work clear, as well as keepings bad odours at bay.

Nurazyme has been independently tested and proven to contain more active bugs than other urinal sleeve products on the market (independently tested by International Laboratory Services July 2007).


For more information on how PHS Washrooms can reduce your water and energy costs, use our savings calculator below.

reduce your water and energy costs with our savings calculator

No-Hassle Servicing

As part of PHS Washrooms' commitment to regular, no-hassle servicing, the Red Berry fragrance and Nurazyme blocks are exchanged every three months.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-shield urinal sleeve is an environmentally sound means of dealing with the dual problems of urinal smells and blockages without the need for harmful chemicals, urinal blocks and constant flushing.

The design of Eco-shield urinal sleeve has a positive environmental impact, with Nurazyme's bio-degradable bio-block and a re-usable sleeve. In addition, Eco-shield brings cost savings from reduced blockages, no chemical use, lower water use, easier cleaning and low maintenance for staff.

PHS offers Micrakleen, an environmentally friendly yet effective biological cleaner that can be used in conjunction with Eco-shield urinal sleeve as well as a general all-round washroom cleaner. For further information and details on how to get a free site survey and 750ml bottle of Micrakleen cleaner, please contact us.

 Eco-shield Urinal SleeveEco-shield Urinal SleeveNurazyme bio-blocks for Eco-shield and Spectrum Sleeve            Micrakleen recommended with Eco-shield and Spectrum Sleeve 

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