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COVID-19: Time for a fresh air approach in classrooms

We know COVID-19 is spreading in schools and we know poor ventilation increases the risk of infection. In addition to close contact, COVID-19 is spread through airborne particles that are carried around by air currents in a room and they can be filtered from the air and removed by introducing more fresh air.

We have to accept that opening windows, while important, is only a first step. Opening windows will ventilate rooms but can also make everyone cold, or significantly increase energy costs, and may bring in traffic noise and pollution. Every classroom is different, and ventilation is complicated. We need to do more to keep our schools open and our children and teachers safe and well.

The best answer has to be a combination of solutions that suits each individual classroom because every school and classroom is different. There is technology available to support schools and teachers.

With this in mind phs has commissioned new, independent research which looks at the challenges schools across the UK face to keep the air in their classrooms clean and healthy, to protect teachers and children from the ill effects of COVID-19 and prevent further spread of the disease. Our research found that teachers are calling for better ventilation solutions in schools, as concerns around COVID infections in classrooms are increasing.

We found that three in four education staff are anxious they will contract or re-contract COVID at school; the open window policy causes more problems than it solves, and a quarter of teachers work in classrooms without windows.

We also found that three in four (74%) education staff are disappointed in central and local government for failing to find a better solution for air purification in schools.

Finally, we’ve partnered with Professor Paul Linden, of Cambridge University, an expert in fluid mechanics and the airborne spread of coronavirus who provides an expert view on COVID-19 and the risk of airborne transmission.

Download our Education Air Care Whitepaper here!

Download our Air Care Whitepaper

Find out how we are helping nurseries address their indoor air quality, by downloading our case study.

Download our Case Study

To help you understand what funding or support Is available in your region, you can read our helpful blog here.

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The phs solution to air cleaning

At phs, we have been steadfast in our commitment to finding the most optimum ways of creating a cleaner and safer environment in schools and anywhere indoors. Recent independent laboratory research has provided the strongest evidence yet that our range of AERAMAX® PROFESSIONAL AM3 and AM4 air purifiers and BIOZONE and MINI POWERZONE air care units have been proven to be effective against COVID-19. phs’ Fellowes AERAMAX® PROFESSIONAL 3 & 4 has been proven to be effective in eliminating aerosolised concentration of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) by 99.9999% through a single air pass test of the purifier.

Whilst our BIOZONE and MINI POWERZONE units, are proven for effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 by an independent third-party lab when tested against the approved surrogate Human Coronavirus (OC43). The results found that the UV light technology which treats airborne contaminants passing through the units, which possibly contain COVID-19 material, saw a 99.1% inactivation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the virus that causes COVID-19, in as little as 0.25 seconds of exposure.

Furthermore, a similar test on the effectiveness of the Photo Plasma technology adopted by BIOZONE, saw a 99.3% reduction of the surrogate Human Coronavirus (OC43) on surfaces in under 30 minutes.

Watch our videos to find out more.

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