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Indoor air matters too

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Clean indoor air is just as important

As a business, you’re no doubt striving towards giving your customers the best possible experience. And as an employer, you’ll be committed to the health and well-being of your staff. However, there’s something which could be impacting your business more than you realise and it’s entirely invisible; the air you’re breathing. According to Global Action Plan, the co-ordinators of Clean Air Day, air pollution is an umbrella term for lots of different types of pollution in the air around us. And just because we can’t always see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

The fact is, every time you’re taking a breath, you’re breathing in a mix of invisible pollutants, contaminants, allergens, germs and odours. And the more people that frequent these spaces, the more the cocktail of contaminants rises. Just consider how quickly germs can spread within a school, a hospital or any other public space and the subsequent impact this can have. The impact of indoor air on health and well-being has been well evidenced. phs has a range of aircare solutions to help improve your environment.


Why Clean Air Matters

Public spaces, like offices, healthcare facilities and schools are breeding grounds for bacteria, viruses, dust, allergens and odours. While we recognise the need to wash our hands and clean common surfaces like doors, table tops, bathrooms and toilets, it’s not enough. We need to clean the air. At phs, we have a range of products that are proven to improve air quality and hygiene, increase productivity and promote positive well-being in the workplace.


Tips on improving air quality in your workplace

  • Analyse and monitor the performance of your building ventilation
  • Look for signs of damage, bad design or contamination such as leaks in your ventilation system – and fix them
  • Do not block air vents
  • Water and maintain office plants properly
  • Implement an effective and prompt waste disposal system
  • Integrate air quality into your facilities management systems and procurement decisions
  • Ensure your floors are vacuumed and mopped frequently
  • Clean the air by investing in an air purifier
  • Increase ventilation by increasing the amount of air entering, reducing the concentration of pollutants
  • Place large floor mats at every door – reducing the amount of dirt and pollutants carried in by staff

Any public building owner has a responsibility for the health and safety of its users, and often for their well-being too. At phs, we’ve seen first-hand the rise in demand for air cleaning across all sectors from schools, hospitals, GP surgeries and dentists to care homes, offices and leisure centres. All of these organisations have one common aim; to improve their air quality to protect the health and well-being of building users. When you weigh up the risks and review the effectiveness of air cleaning, we believe that air purifiers will become the new must-have for any public building. 


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