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edie Live 2018: Meet the Speaker

Liam Greenall, strategic development manager at phs Group will be sharing his years of experience with sustainability experts at the edie LIVE event in Birmingham on the 22nd May.

In keeping with the conference theme of Mission: Possible, Liam will be discussing Buying circles: Empowering procurement teams to achieve a circular economy, sharing insight into what we need to be doing differently, and why it is that currently, we’re going round in circles and ending up with the same results.

With most procurement processes and practices based on the purchase of goods and services through a linear ‘take, make, waste’ approach, it is clear that we must challenge the way an organisation consumes and uses products. This session will explore how sustainability and procurement teams can work in tandem to begin assessing buying decisions in accordance with circular economy principles. 

  • Why specifying the same requirements and expecting different results keeps us going round in circles 
  • Resource efficiency and the built environment
  • HP: Leading the way on the Circular Economy and Embedding Sustainability into Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Liam has worked for phs Group for more than 10 years. In his current position at phs, Liam works in partnership with customers to identify and find solutions for the challenges they need to address to achieve a sustainable business approach to hygiene services. Working with both Procurement and Sustainability teams to achieve net benefit results, Liam identifies value for money solutions that deliver tangible and immediate environmental benefits for major UK businesses, helping them to deliver on corporate sustainability objectives that meet their end customers’ social responsibility expectations. 

Session: Buying circles: Empowering procurement teams to achieve a circular economy

Date: 22nd May, between 14.15 – 15.30

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