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Innovative hygiene products to make your business even safer

As more essential shops start to reopen, and offices start welcoming employees back, people will be expecting to see clear visual safety improvements to the areas they’re visiting.

Business will be expected to show that they care, by providing easy ways for employees and customers to follow increased hand washing and safety procedures.

phs Group have developed a new range of modern hygiene solutions designed to tackle common problems presented by Covid-19.

Safely dispose of gloves and masks

Face masks and gloves must be changed on a regular basis if they are to be used to effectively stop the spread of Covid-19, as the virus can live on surfaces for several hours. There have recently been reports of face masks and gloves being incorrectly disposed of, which suggests people aren’t aware, or haven’t been informed of how to dispose of them correctly.

If you supply these products to your employees or expect people to wear them while inside your premises, you also have a duty to promote their safe disposal. The safest way to dispose of them is to use a PPE bin that is separately collected. By using a separate disposal system for your PPE, you will reduce the risk of cross-infection, and ensure safe disposal.

phs have recently launched a fully serviced 65L PPE bin option. The bin is pedal operated, removing the need for hand contact. It is made from strong polypropylene and treated with ENVIROSAN® Active, a safe germicide that reduces bacteria levels by 99.99%, is certified against HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, and is the only germicide to conform to BS1276 and BS13727.

As well as providing the bin, phs will work with you to create a tailored servicing option. The 65L unit will be left on site, with the bag serviced as a liner. Each bin will be provided with a tiger bag to dispose of medical items that do not carry any risk of infection. Where required, we can provide orange bags for infectious waste.

A full auditable waste trail is provided to show that your sites’ waste is being dealt with safely and with respect for the environment.

Put hand cleaning stations in key areas

Businesses have a responsibility to not only inform employees of the benefits of increased hand washing, but to also make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Existing washroom facilities can be complemented by making hand sanitiser available in key locations, such as reception areas, room entrances, and outside washrooms. Ideally these should be automatic dispensers to avoid touch points and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

phs offer a freestanding hand sanitiser station that includes a 1 litre AUTO FOAM NO-GERMS dispenser. NO-GERMS instant hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs in under 15 seconds. It is suitable for frequent use as it contains natural moisturisers, including Aloe Vera, Chamomile, and Lavender. 

The phs hand sanitisation stand is designed to fit seamlessly into any environment, with a modern design that is easy to use. It features signage that clearly displays instructions and the benefits of its use.

It is secularly locked to avoid any mess, as all servicing will be completed by phs technicians. The automation is powered by batteries that are regularly changed by the visiting technician, removing the need for an electric supply.

Getting You Back To Business Safely

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