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phs Group launches new internship Scheme set to support young people with learning disabilities into paid full-time employment

phs Group welcomes five interns this week, as part of a brand-new partnership with DFN Project SEARCH and Htf.

The scheme will run for 10 months and will see young people with learning difficulties taking on roles with mentors across the entire organisation.

The young people, who are all students at Bridgend College, will complete three rotations in Credit Control, Customer Services, Facilities, Finance, Human Resources, IT and Learning and Development. The internship will give young people the opportunity to explore a range of opportunities and develop job skills that they can take forward in their chosen career.

Aged 18-24, this opportunity may be the young people’s first foray into the working world, and the scheme is another example of phs’ commitment to being an employer of choice.

Mike Winstone, Group HR Director for phs said: “phs has a proud tradition of working with young people to help them achieve their career goals, and this new scheme is a fantastic extension of the initiatives and apprenticeships we’re already running. We’re looking forward to working with our new interns, and helping them on their journey into the workforce, whether their goal is to continue to work with us or find another full-time role.”

DFN Project SEARCH is a world-renowned organisation specialising in supporting young people to secure competitive employment within their community. Their programmes are designed to create tailored experiences for each and every intern, based on their experiences, strength and skills.

HfT - Katy Forrester (onsite day to day) - Job Coach, Bryony Dolby - National Programme Co-ordinator (Project SEARCH) Hft

Lily Beyer, programme specialist DFN Project SEARCH said: “The success of each scheme, and the enhanced prospects of each intern is a direct result of the effort organisations like phs make to create a simulated work environment. Each intern is supported at every stage, and with this encouragement our interns gain skills but also confidence through having worked with relatable role models for five days a week.”

The scheme also works in partnership with Hft, a national charity providing services for people with learning disabilities. Bryony Dolby, national programme co-ordinator at Hft said: “We believe in a world where anyone with a learning disability can live within their community with all the choice and support they need to live the best life possible. Six young people now have the opportunity to realise their potential thanks to the mentoring that phs will provide, alongside the support our employability coach will provide in tandem.”

The internship begins in September 2021, and will run until June 2022, at which point the interns will be supported into the next stage of their career. Callum Hale, an intern who is about to start work with phs said: “I’m really excited to be working at phs. Everyone has been so friendly and the atmosphere here is really welcoming. It just feels like a great place to be. I am surprised at how many different departments and roles there are here. I cannot wait to start my first rotation and start learning.'


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