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phs launches new range of environmentally-friendly products to combat period inequality

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Washroom and hygiene services provider phs Group has launched a new range of environmentally-friendly period products to support organisations to tackle period inequality.

phs has overhauled its product line-up following a surge in demand created by the period equality movement. After initiating a period equality campaign and winning new contracts to supply millions of period products across the UK, phs has expanded its product range both from existing partners as well as working with new suppliers such as Bloom and Nora and Mooncup to source new products. The new range, available from phs and its washroom consumables division phs Direct, includes plastic-free organic pads, non-applicator organic tampons and cardboard-applicator tampons as well as reusable pads and menstrual cups – all designed to reduce plastic waste and limit its environmental impact.

phs has been leading the industry in its work to create period equality by instigating an awareness-raising campaign, launching independent research to lift the lid on the scale of the issue and volunteering to co-convene the UK government’s official Period Poverty Taskforce. As an expert provider, phs supplies period products to organisations across the UK from local authorities and schools to businesses wanting to make a difference to the wellbeing of their workforce. Most recently, phs has rolled-out the Department for Education’s scheme for free period products in England, supplying up to 22,000 schools and colleges. phs has also launched a free-vend machine for washrooms allowing convenient and discreet access to products in washrooms.

Warren Edmondson, Managing Director at phs Direct, said: “Period inequality refers to the inability to either afford or access period products which has been found to have a detrimental impact including absence from education and the workplace. The fact that something so fundamental as a period is having such a negative influence in today’s modern society is shocking and frankly unacceptable. That’s why phs is proud to be a campaigner for period equality and is committed to making a real difference.

“While free period products are being rolled out in education, we can’t forget that period inequality affects people of any age and all walks of life. More organisations are realising this and are introducing free products to help improve access. With rising demand, phs has introduced a brand new product offering not only offering organisations a wider choice of products but also offering more sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternatives which is the right thing to do for planet by reducing plastic waste. We are excited to launch this new range as we strive to constantly enhance our products and services to customers.”

For more information, visit the period equality pages on the phs website. You can also follow @phsGroup on Twitter, @phsperiodequality on Instagram and phs Group on LinkedIn

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