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Slip Safety Service

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Do you have a current certificate to defend your business in case of a slip accident on your site?

Pendulum Slip testing is the standard test method used by HSE to assess wet and dry floor slipperiness. Caution Wet Floor signs do not mitigate liability on floors that are unsafe they just highlight the issue that needs addressing.

phs can undertake this testing in your premises. Providing you with a detailed analysis with recommendations for improvements. Ensuring your premises are safe and compliant.

• An average claim is £10k but the true cost of an accident is £100k+

• Slips are the most common cause of accident, injury & claims.

• Insurance premiums are rising all the time and given that slips are 33% of claims, managing that risk has never been more important

• If you are able to provide evidence of compliant results, not only will you see fewer accidents, but it will help to defend claims

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