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Valuing toilets on World Toilet Day 2021

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The United Nations (UN) says there will be no sustainable future without toilets, as the health of the public is closely linked to toilets, washrooms, and safe sanitation.

Friday 19th November 2021 is World Toilet Day. An official United Nations international observance day dedicated to raising awareness of how important toilets and safe sanitation are. The theme for 2021 is valuing toilets.

Why does world toilet day exist?

Toilets are something that many of us take for granted in the UK, but billions of people around the world do not have access to a safe and private toilet:

World Toilet Day and Period Equality

Toilets are particularly important to women and girls during menstruation and pregnancy. Sadly, for many people around the world, having sanitary products and a safe place to use them is not a reality.

The average period lasts for 5 days, and during this time women and girls need safe access to toilets throughout the entire day and night. This includes at work, school, and home.

Research by phs found that many people in the UK don’t have access to period products, or a safe space to use them. And shockingly, 1 in 14 UK girls say they have missed school as they could not afford or access sanitary products.

A lack of access to period products can result in health issues, missed education/work, and several days of discomfort every month. This lack of access to menstrual products is known as Period Poverty.

As well as providing a safe space for women and girls during menstruation, safe toilets with sanitary disposal facilities are proven to drive forward gender equality. This is because they allow women and girls to live their lives without worrying about missing school or work due to their period. Not having to worry about toilets and period products will in turn boost wellbeing, as it takes away an unnecessary stress.

phs believes everyone should have access to safe toilets and the period products they need. Schools, colleges, universities, private businesses, and the public sector all have a vital role to play in ending Period Poverty in the UK. And phs are here to support with an extensive range of solutions and guidance.


Improve your toilets with phs

Whether your toilets are for employee or public use, there are small changes you can make to ensure they’re clean, safe, and welcoming.

> Offer free sanitary products in washrooms
The SLIMLIME coin free vending machine offers an easy way to provide free period products in your premises. Ensuring people have access to the period products they need, when they need them.

Looking for sustainable period products? Our organic and reusable period products are a great way to reduce single use plastics and do your bit for the environment.

> Keep your washrooms clean and well stocked
Make sure that your washrooms are safe and hygienic by keeping them well stocked with everything from hand soap to fully-serviced sanitary bins.

> Make your toilets more sustainable
Water control services can be used to lower water consumption in toilets. From taps to flushing, there are several ways to boost the sustainability credentials of your washroom.


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