The PHS Group has been measuring its carbon footprint since 2009 and reporting openly via the Carbon Disclosure Project since 2011. At an organisational level, we have a strong understanding of our carbon impact areas and vehicle fuel, which represents 76% of our carbon footprint and is our primary focus.

Last year, our investment in new routing technology and our ‘Drive Well’ driver training programme helped us to reduce our organisational carbon footprint by 6% versus 2012-13. Alongside our commitment to reduce the energy used in our buildings and our rolling programme of lighting and heating upgrades, tackling vehicle fuel is critical in our efforts to better manage and reduce our carbon impact. To find out more about our Drive Well programme please contact us.

Carbon Trust Certification

In addition to examining our organisational impact, we have also sought to undertake detailed reviews of the carbon footprint of our leading products. In 2011 we began the process to certify the product carbon footprint of our sanitary bin service and Waterlogic water machines. Both of these ranges gained the Carbon Trust Carbon Reduction Label  - the first products in their respective markets to do so -  and were successfully re-certified in 2014. We believe that our customers deserve to have access to simple and assured data that they can rely on and our work with the Carbon Trust is one way in which we can achieve this.