Energy & Water

KPIs-2013-2014-250px.pngIn order to choose products that provide genuine energy or water savings, we understand that customers need access to reliable and robust information. To achieve this, we have identified the products that we know offer direct savings for our customers, and using evidence from both our own businesses and industry standards, we have determined the average impact. Each of these claims and the methodolgy used to develop them has been independently assured by a leading environmental consultancy so our customers can be confident that we provide realisitic and achievable savings, not exaggerated or inflated claims.

By opening up our comparisons to external scrutiny, we aim to provide information that our customers can rely on and help them make better choices. In fact, by 2020 we have set ourselves the challenge of saving our customers 9 million m3 of water and 70 million kilowatt hours of energy.