PHS Teacrate acquires ISO 14001 certification

Published by Direct Admin on 24 November 2015
in Teacrate

PHS Teacrate has been granted the ISO 14001 certification, which validates the company’s ongoing commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its production activities.

The certification confirms that the company’s production plants have an adequate environmental management system to control the environmental impact and to continually improve the environmental performance of its activities in a systematic, effective and sustainable way.

To proceed with the ISO 14001 certification in 2014, PHS Teacrate reviewed all existing practices and procedures, modifying them to include the environmental practices in place with formal documentation and targets. PHS Teacrate developed more systems during this period to better improve the flow of information and storage by using electronic aids, such as SharePoint and AMR storage, to enable them to not only reduce the paper wastage at food and retail sites, but also provided resilience within the monitoring and communication system.

In February 2015, PHS Teacrate were awarded the Extension to scope for the Groups ISO14001 to include washing and rental of returnable transit packaging (RTP).

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