Health and wellbeing

As with any successful business the health and wellbeing of our employees is of key importance to us. The significance of keeping our people and those who use our services safe cannot be overstated.

An example of a responsibility we take very seriously is our impressive fleet of over 3,000 vehicles and the safety of our people who spend a considerable amount of their working day on the road.  It might surprise you to know that 2 out of the 5 people killed on our roads every day are driving for work. As a result the safety of our drivers is vital and we do everything we can to support them, and one way is with the introduction of our Drive Well program.

Protecting our people on the road

Our approach to driver safety and well-being is defined by our ‘Drive Well’ Program. We firmly believe that driving is a skill which must be practiced and developed like any other. We are therefore committed to helping our drivers to minimise the inherent risks of driving and safeguarding other road users by promoting the simple principles of safe and fuel efficient driving.

To help drivers improve their skills, we employ a team of highly experienced driving instructors who undertake regular coaching sessions. From sales directors to service engineers, any employee who could benefit is supported to develop their road awareness, resilience and fuel efficient driving.