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Within phs, you may have started to hear a lot more about our apprenticeship schemes. That’s because more than 150 phs staff are completing, or have completed, an apprenticeship. For more information about a phs apprenticeship, please click below.

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phs training & opportunities 

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phs people

At phs, our people make us what we are. Our team put the customer at the heart of everything they do and that passion for customer service means we need the best people to help our customers deliver the best experience for their customers.

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From day one we will help you to gain an introduction to your role. The training and information provided will help you see what a good job looks like for your role and you will be part of a team that likes to go that extra mile for their customer.

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Once you have settled in to your role, your People Manager will start focusing on the areas of your role that you would like to further develop and they will help you work on a development plan in line with your needs

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You could spend time job shadowing other roles in phs to see what opportunities are open to you and will be able to access learning and development opportunities.

our values

Here at phs, we have a unique company culture that has been built up over 50 years. As the business evolves, our culture and our values evolve with it. 

Clear values highlight what’s important to phs and they help influence the way we do business.

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