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Customer FAQ

When will we install your technical and non-technical products?



Installation Time


Non-electrical products excluding water management systems

These will be installed within
10 working days

Electrical items including water management systems

These will be installed within
20 working days

Sanitiser and sanitiser related products

These will be installed within
6 weeks

Euro bins

These will be installed within
15 working days

These will be delivered by a third party

Standard mats

These will be installed within
10 working days

hand dryer mats

These will be installed within
10 working days

Premium mats i.e. Ultra Plus, Unicolour & Principal Mats

These will be installed within
6 weeks

logo mats

These will be installed within
4 weeks

Fitted mats

As these are bespoke to you, your account manager will talk you through the installation time


What are my service dates?

Your service date depends on the products and service frequency you have chosen for your business. The Myphs online portal provides an easy way to check your service information.

How do I access the online portal and what documents are included on there?

The Myphs online portal can be accessed here provides you with an easy way to manage your account with phs. It provides two user options for businesses. They are E-billing users (Finance) and Service Users.

E-billing users are view the following documents in PDF format on the Myphs portal:

  • Invoices
  • Credits
  • Invoice Breakdown (only if requested)
  • Statement of account
  • Duty of care note (one for each address PHS service/visit/collect from
  • Hazardous Waste Quarterly Return Summary
  • Hazardous Waste Registration Declaration Form
  • Pre-acceptance Audit
  • Pre-acceptance Certificate
  • Direct Debit Confirmation Letter

Service users will not have access to the above documents, as these are accessible to the registered bill payer only. This allows for responsible invoice processing. Service users can access the Resource Centre on Myphs. This provides access to documents such as ISO certificates, insurance certificates, waste carrier licences, risk assessments and more.

When will I receive my account number to log into the portal?

You will find your account number on any recent phs Invoice, Credit or Statement. If a phs customer service representative is setting up your portal account for you, they will inform you of account number and temporary password.

We require COSH and MSDS how do we obtain those?

You can find our most requested COSH documents on our customer portal here. You can request any other copies via the ‘Raise a Query’.

How is phs helping reduce the risk of COVID-19 for businesses, their customers and our staff?

We implemented a COVID-19 business continuity plan in 2020 to maintain our services, protect staff and minimise the spread of the disease. Our plan is regularly updated to reflect government advice across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and to ensure we are fully compliant with all legislative changes. Included in our plan is:

  • Regular COVID-19 training for our operational staff
  • All operational staff are provided with the correct PPE, in abundance
  • Hand sanitiser is used before each service visit and social distancing guidance will always be followed
  • Our operational staff now use a trolley for speedier servicing, allowing them to take waste away and reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Drivers are unlikely to be in small space, less than two metres apart with someone for 15 minutes or longer. We are a transient service
  • All our customer facing teams, service technicians and install engineers take a mandatory weekly lateral flow test at their local depot. Anyone testing positive cannot return to work (in line with government guidance) until confirmed negative for COVID-19
  • In line with legislation, only fully vaccinated drivers can service care homes

In short, the procedures we have in place reduce the risk of COVID for businesses, their customers and our staff. These procedures are similar to other organisations who may visit a business premises – delivery driver, external IT providers, cleaners, post/parcel delivery/collection etc.

We are confident as a business that we are taking a sensible approach to minimising risk with the steps outlined above.

Which is the best way for me to pay phs?

One of the simplest ways to pay phs is to set up a Direct Debit. The easiest way to do this is via your portal account. There is a quick link in the My Documents area. Alternatively, here is a form which you can email back to our team.

Our Direct Debit Mandate

When will I receive my Duty of Care Certificate?

Your duty of care certificate will be provided to you after our annual Duty of Care run.
This process takes place towards the end of August until the end of September. The same process applies to all new and existing customers.

What do phs do to help support our planet?

At phs, we want to do the right thing for both our customers and the environment. This is why we are implementing industry leading sustainable solutions:

  • The phs sustainable waste management strategy diverts customer waste from landfill to energy recovery facilities. It is then used to create low carbon electricity that is sent to the National Grid.
  • phs has a range of innovative and patented products which can save organisations thousands of litres of water – and cut the cost of water and energy bills too. 
  • Since 2017, all fitted or loose lay mats from phs are made from ECONYL. ECONYL® yarn is a 100% regenerated and regenerable Nylon 6, made from waste, such as fluff from carpets, unwanted textiles, and recovered fishing nets disposed in the sea. 
  • To reduce the carbon footprint generated by service vehicles, phs has £16 million in new vehicles, downsizing existing vehicles, and consolidating routes wherever possible.

How can phs help with protecting businesses in the future?

We can’t predict the future, but we can protect you from it. The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the way we live and work. Teaching us valuable lessons about planning for the unknown.

It’s also caused a major shift in consumer expectations, with 61% of UK consumers* now in favour of making air purifiers mandatory in indoor settings.

phs offers an extensive range of hygiene products and services; including a selection of air purifiers that are proven to capture COVID-19 particles. Providing a fuss-free way for your business to implement enhanced hygiene procedures while rebuilding consumer confidence.

Speak to your account manager, or visit our website, for further information.

What can I expect from my first liner service?

On your first service visit, a liner will be placed inside each of your bins. The bins will remain in place for the duration of your contract with phs. On each service visit, the liner will be removed. The bin will then be carefully cleaned on site and a new liner will be inserted.

When will I received my invoice? And when is this payable?

All invoices will be sent to your business on the day they are raised. This will be in line with the contracted invoicing frequency and payment terms already agreed with your business.

The date the invoice is due for payment will be clearly indicated on the invoice. This is usually 30 days from the date of invoice.

Why are Duty of Care and congestion charges invoiced separately?

Duty of Care charges are a one off annual charge. You will receive an invoice for this charge between the end of August and the end of October. Congestion charges invoices are issued in line with your regular invoicing.

What is the remittance email address?

The quickest and easiest way to send remittances to phs is via
A range of payment methods are available. Payments can be made online 24/7 via the Myphs customer portal here.

How do I obtain driver DBS checks/certificates?

To request a copy of driver DBS checks and certificates, please email

What do I do if I require an urgent service?

You can request and urgent visit through the ‘Raise a Query’ option on the Myphs customer portal. Simply select ‘Service Request’ in the dropdown menu.
Alternatively, you can call the customer services team: 029 2085 1000

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