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A fab new partnership

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Transforming the future of waste management

Half of UK women are believed to flush sanitary products down the toilet – despite the fact they should not be flushed. It’s estimated that up to two billion sanitary items are flushed down Britain’s toilets each year. This contributes to blockages which can be messy, unhygienic and expensive to fix; nationally, it costs £88m a year to unblock sewers. And these flushed products can also end up strewn across beaches and in the sea.

But the result of the exclusive partnership between phs and FabLittleBag aims to make a difference. FabLittleBag is a discrete, purpose-designed bag for users to dispose of their sanitary waste. With businesses placing a greater emphasis on environmental objectives, it is hoped they can be inspired to help clean-up tampon pollution and encourage people to become binners, not flushers.

Three fab things about FabLittleBag;

  • Converts flushers to binners
  • Helps protect the marine environment
  • Demonstrates you care

The best disposal method. Period

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Stop! Don’t flush your sanitary product

Dispose of a FabLittleBag using a phs sanitary bin, reducing waste to landfill with LifeCycle.

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Are you a binner or a flusher?

Which one are you? Take our survey to find out!

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Claim your premium sanitary disposal unit at a discount price when purchased with our new FabLittleBag.

The perfect pairing, stylish and practical, our premium sanitary bin won’t look out of place in the most elegant of washrooms. Paired with FabLittleBag, a new discreet and environmentally friendly sanitary bag that promotes binning not flushing creates a winning duo for you, your customers and the environment.

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