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Flow-saver® is a unique and innovative urinal water management system, that can save up to 80% (with an average of 70%) of your water consumption, when compared to an uncontrolled cistern and up to 30% against an "unintelligent" system (dependent upon urinal usage)*

The Flow-saver® unit monitors washroom traffic to schedule automatic cistern flushes.  It will control the amount of water that is used to ensure hygiene levels are maintained at the same time substantially reducing the quantity of water being flushed. 

  • Can save up to 80%* of water (average 70%*)
  • Intelligent infra-red technology allows maximum control over the device to adapt to your business needs
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Eco-shield™ to minimise water usage and improve freshness
  • Helps you meet requirements of the Water Supply Regulations 1999

* PHS internal customer trial information 2016

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