5 must-have hygiene supplies

Published by Nathan Flint on 28 September 2015
in Cleanliness & hygiene, Workplace supplies

No matter what your business does, your working environment will inevitably require cleaning – with some areas requiring more attention than others. As we’ve previously discussed, there are many reasons for good workplace hygiene – some more obvious than others – and implementing a regular cleaning routine brings with it many benefits. We know that cleaning is important, but what about the equipment required to do a thorough and proper job? Here are our top five ‘must-have’ hygiene supplies.

Mop heads

Your floors need cleaning on a daily basis, so your mops will see a high level of use. While a mop handle is long-lasting and durable, the mop head will need to be cleaned or replaced after a period of use. After all, you wouldn’t clean a floor with a dirty mop, would you? Having a good supply of mop heads is recommended so that you always have a clean mop to hand when you need it. Mop heads and handles are available in different colours for different areas, to avoid cross-contamination - you wouldn’t want to use the same mop for the kitchen as you would for the toilets - so you can be sure you’re clean and compliant!

Refuse bags

A cleaning cupboard is not properly stocked without a supply of refuse bags. The only question is the volume, gauge and believe it or not, the colour! You’ll need fit-for-purpose bags, so think about what type and how much refuse will be placed in the bags? The answer to this will determine whether or not you need heavy-duty bags as well as the required volume. Black bags are versatile as they can be used to hold general waste or to conceal unsightly waste. For areas that may have a risk of stock pilfering, clear bags make it more difficult to smuggle items out in the refuse, and for disposal of clinical waste, yellow bags are the answer.

Wipes & scourers

Sometimes, spraying and wiping just doesn’t remove dirt and grime. However stubborn stains and build-ups may require a more abrasive material. Enter the scourer. There are different types of scourer – non scratch, heavy duty and even ‘magic sponges’ that can be used on all sorts of surfaces including walls and desks. Think about the areas in which it will be used. For visible fixings like taps and surfaces, a non-scratch scourer is recommended. For floors or concealed areas where potential scratching is not a concern a more abrasive scourer can be used.

Toilet cleaner

As far as hygiene supplies go, toilet cleaner is an absolute must. Just like your floors, your toilets will be used throughout the day and will require a daily clean. Your washroom says a lot about your business – so why would you want your valuable and hard-working employees using a dirty washroom? By ensuring that you have toilet cleaner among your hygiene supplies you can rest assured that you and your staff have a clean and fresh facility to use!


Ah, dust – the incessant nuisance that appears as if from nowhere. It may seem relatively harmless, but a build up of dust can cause all manner of problems to both equipment and staff, not to mention that it can make a workplace look unloved and uncared for – and who wants to work somewhere like that? Known to cause skin irritations and respiratory conditions such as asthma, it’s important that dusting is done regularly – making a duster a vital part of your hygiene supplies. Dust settles anywhere it can, so it might be an idea to create a list of all flat, level surfaces to ensure you have everywhere covered.

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by Nathan Flint in Cleanliness & hygiene, Workplace supplies