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Cutting Crate Costs without Cutting Corners

Published by DirectAdmin on 08th August 2016
Supermarkets are as competitive as ever, most promising to match or beat the prices offered by their rivals while still making a profit. With their clients seeking to make all possible savings, suppliers to the food retail industry are also under pressure to provide the most cost effective products.

April 2016 marked a 3-year anniversary of UK shop price deflation, with fresh food prices falling another 0.5% during the month (BRC - Nielsen Shop Price Index). With very little movement to be made on the cost to produce fresh goods, suppliers must look to make savings on other overheads in order to remain as viable as possible.

Even small savings can make a big difference.

At PHS Teacrate, we are eager to help our clients remain competitive. We provide economically-priced, food grade containers on a just-in-time basis so that production plants can dedicate all of their space to food preparation, without having to worry about storing trays and crates, or setting aside space or capital outlay for a washing facility.

We'll also collect used crates from their destination so that PHS Teacrate customers and escape the cost of returning empty containers to site.

We know our clients appreciate these savings in the costs of their logistics. If you think that there is more we can do, get in touch.

by DirectAdmin

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