How Green is your Crate?

Published by PHS on 22 June 2016

Choosing a supplier with nationwide coverage means that time and cost savings can be made on the sourcing of food grade trays and crates.

PHS Teacrate’s two purpose-built washing facilities and strategically located depots offer our customers faster delivery times for ad hoc requests – next day as standard and within hours if required.

And because we at PHS Teacrate know that the environmental impact of getting crates to site can also weigh heavily on meat and poultry suppliers, not only will the containers arrive hygienically cleaned (to food industry standards) but they will also have travelled fewer miles than if supplied from one central UK location – helping our customers to support their environmental policies.

PHS Teacrate’s ISO 14001 accreditation demonstrates our own commitment to the environment and we are keen to pass on our sustainable practices to the food production industry.  Get in touch today to see how PHS Teacrate can fit into your environmental policy.


*Source: Department for Transport, 26 November 2015

by PHS