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Published by Nathan Flint on 06 August 2015
in Cleanliness & hygiene, Staff well-being, Workplace supplies

We all know that hygiene is important but at work it can quickly slide down the priority list. What if some workplace issues can actually be improved through cleanliness?

In 2013*, sick employees cost UK employers £29billion. A cost accompanied by an inevitable loss of productivity. You really don’t want to be the cause of a drop in productivity – quite the opposite. Providing a clean, fresh work area will improve the energy and satisfaction of your staff. Don’t underestimate the value of an appreciated workplace. Efficient cleaning practices and quality hygiene solutions will only have a positive effect on your workforce.

You can easily reduce the risk of illnesses contracted in the workplace by disinfecting surfaces, sanitising washrooms, vacuuming carpets and washing floors. Installing hand sanitising dispensers will also help mitigate the spread of germs. Ensuring that your employees are present and productive will improve your bottom line!

When you consider that office desks are 400 times dirtier than a toilet seat, it’s logical that 60% of ‘time off work’ illnesses are contracted from dirty office equipment*. Research conducted in 2006 found that a single square inch of desk surface space can have up to 20,000 germs*.

Think about your current cleaning strategy. Is it up to the job? Make sure you have a good supply of cleaning products and materials to keep on top of dirt, mess and spillages. Sometimes a regular cleaning schedule isn’t enough. Bacteria increase by up to 31% per day on surfaces that aren’t regularly disinfected. Deep cleaning for flooring and other dirt hotspots like washrooms and kitchens is a good starting point.

Don’t just rely on cleaning to keep germs at bay. Incorporating Biocote or antimicrobial additives into your surfaces and washroom equipment will significantly reduce surface microbes by up to 99.99%. Furthermore, 70% of the dirt entering a building is from the soles of people’s shoes. Placing entrance matting at all doorways will help keep floors and walkways clean.

Let’s not forget that your workplace is an asset. It’s not just the place your employees go to work. Your suppliers, customers, prospects and potential employees will all have some form of interaction with your workspace. You don’t want them leaving with a fever and a bad impression. If there’s anything that spreads faster than germs, it’s word of mouth. Make sure you have the right hygiene solutions in place from reception to the boardroom.

A properly-executed and efficient cleaning schedule will also save you money by preserving your workplace for longer. Quality hygiene solutions will keep your shiny floors clean, your windows clear and your workforce content - not to mention a reduction in the time that all that cleaning takes!

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*Sources: 'Germs in the workplace' study by the University of Arizona 2002, Research carried out by Durable UK 2006, Article by PricewaterhouseCoopers 2013

by Nathan Flint in Cleanliness & hygiene, Staff well-being, Workplace supplies