Moving in winter? Prepare for the worst

Published by Nathan Flint on 09 February 2015
in Crate rental, Workplace supplies

If you’re moving home or premises in the midst of winter then it’s important to consider the implications of adverse weather. When it’s cold and wet, problems can occur – just think of the dirt and snow brought indoors, or even the hazards created by thawing snow on your floors.

If your move is hampered by a sudden descent of bad weather then you’ll need a contingency plan. Discuss this with your removal firm or friends and helpers in advance – ask for any tips for winter moving.

Moving out

If you have kids or pets you should arrange for someone to mind them. They’re only going to make the process more difficult, not to mention stressful!

Ensure that you have the appropriate attire to hand in case of a cold snap or unexpected downpour. Keep some gloves, scarves, towels and other spare clothing in an accessible place so that you can keep dry and warm if needed.

To mitigate the risks posed by grime and moisture being carried indoors, ensure that all paths and entrances are shovelled and swept before you begin. Doing this will not only help prevent slips and falls, it means cleaning the floors after you’ve emptied the property will be a lot easier. If it’s icy, spread a little salt or grit. In the same way, don’t forget to clear the necessary space before you get to your destination.

Moving in

It’s a good idea to protect your floors. Teacrate packaging can provide rolls of adhesive plastic floor protector, or reinforced cardboard sheets (correx board) which can effectively protect floors. Have some rags or old towels to hand in order to wipe down wet boxes and floors.

Ensure that the utilities are functioning. This is especially important during winter. Your doors may be ajar for a lengthy period of time during your move but you’ll need a warm place to unpack and sleep as soon as possible. If everybody is warm, the process will go a lot more smoothly. Hot drinks will also keep everyone happy and refreshed.


You’ll want to protect your valuable and sentimental items from potential damage. Most removal firms can provide either paper or plastic furniture covers for upholstery, mattresses and any delicate goods. Most wooden furniture will collect condensation when moved from a cold to warm environment, so be prepared to wipe down your wooden pieces as soon as possible.

Remember to allow all electronics – televisions, computers, speakers etc – to properly warm up before using them. Avoid packing liquids of any kind in the removal van as they’re likely to freeze, expand and potentially damage anything nearby.

Packing everything appropriately is important at any time of year, but the difficult conditions posed in winter increase the likelihood of unfortunate accidents. Ensure that fragile belongings are well marked so that handlers take extra care when carrying them on potentially icy surfaces.

Be prepared...and stay warm.

by Nathan Flint in Crate rental, Workplace supplies