What does Richard Hammond, The Queen and PHS Teacrate have in Common?

Published by DirectAdmin on 19 September 2016

What were you doing 10 years ago in September 2006?  In a month when Richard Hammond had that car crash and Helen Mirren wowed the film critics as The Queen, PHS Teacrate was busy launching a packaging range to complement its already successful crate hire business.

Driven by customer demand, PHS Teacrate was fairly certain that this new venture would be a hit.  And it wasn’t long before the packaging range started to go from strength to strength, growing year on year.
10 years later, Teacrate Packaging has expanded both its range of products and staff, now boasting 5 sales members who have accrued 23 years of expertise.  The last 6 years has been particularly busy, seeing the business double in size.

As a BAR member, Teacrate Packaging has been able to react equally to industry trends, local needs and individual customer requests to provide innovative packing box designs, smaller pack sizes and, where appropriate, branded products. 

In a fast moving market, reactivity is key.  So, as well as providing scheduled bulk orders, ad-hoc and emergency top-up packaging deliveries are also handled with professionalism, whether they be to a client’s depot or directly to their customer’s site.

All deliveries can be tracked by customers who, thanks to technological developments over the years, can now receive delivery notes instantly, providing real-time traceability.  

Delighted to be part of PHS Teacrate’s success, Sales Director Patrick Sheehy says, “In 2006 we introduced packaging to the PHS Teacrate range with the aim of becoming the perfect supply partner for removers.  We wanted to be able to meet all their needs for a successful move, aside from their vehicles and staff.

“A decade on, we are immensely proud to have made such a positive impact on the removals industry.  Our customer focus has enabled us to expand the packaging range appropriately and even offer next day delivery to suit demand. 

“We want to thank our clients for their support over the past 10 years...Here’s to the next 10!”

by DirectAdmin