Workplace well-being: shape up for summer

Published by Paul Drury on 07 April 2014
in Cleanliness & hygiene, Improving safety, Making an impression, Crate rental, Safety & compliance, Matting & flooring

As the temperature begins to slowly rise and the winds and rain start to die down, it’s only natural for our minds to turn to thoughts of summer.

Although most of those thoughts are of holidays, barbeques and sun, summer is a great time to make those workplace and business improvements, and now is the time to start planning.

The things you need to think about are going to differ depending on the sort of establishment or workplace you’re a part of.

So, being the helpful sorts that we are at PHS, we’ve tried to round up as many sectors as possible in this article to give you an idea of what you could be doing to improve your workplace in the summer.


If you work in the education sector you’re either doing one of two things during the summer; taking some well-earned time off or working flat-out to get things sorted before students come back!

Summer is of course a great time to get those bigger projects done, such as renovations and departmental moves. Rooms and other spaces are often left empty and there is generally more space to work.

In these cases you’re going to need to clear spaces swiftly and in an organised fashion, safely storing or transporting items.

PHS specialises in providing crate rental solution to education establishments that guarantees the highest level of customer service.


For the hospitality industry, summer is usually the busiest time of the year, so making sure your establishment is up to scratch for both staff and customers before the rush is paramount.

Getting your exterior decorating and planting such as hanging baskets is a good place to start.

In a busy kitchen or bar, you need to be sure that the chances of an accident are kept to a minimum. Not just because of the harm that could come to staff, but because losing a key member at an important time could mean the difference between a record season and a downward turn.

So to prepare, make sure that all your equipment has been recently serviced and is in safe, working order. Make sure all staff are sufficiently trained in health & safety, and that your bar and kitchen matting is in place and not too worn.

If you need to upgrade or put in place new matting, PHS has a full range, which includes antibacterial and anti-fatigue products.


Let’s face it, in the corporate world, it’s pretty much business as usual throughout summer, bar a few colleagues nipping off for a week or two to grab a bit of sun.

But there are still things you can do in preparation for and during the summer.

If the weather is hot (fingers crossed), you need to make sure that staff have readily available access to drinking water, preferably chilled. If you need to install or upgrade drinking water facilities, PHS has you covered.

Another key concern for office workers all over the UK during the hotter months is air conditioning.

If you’ve ever sat at your desk in a sweltering office, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Make sure you give your air conditioning system a once over now, and if there are any problems with it that you’ve been putting off fixing, get them sorted ASAP or you’ll likely have a gang of very disgruntled staff members banging down your door in a few months.

by Paul Drury in Cleanliness & hygiene, Improving safety, Making an impression, Crate rental, Safety & compliance, Matting & flooring