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7 things you can do to make your workplace safer

When it comes to workplace safety you can’t be too careful – if an accident occurs you may not get a second chance. It’s important to take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of injuries and keep your workforce safe.

07 August 2015 by Nathan Flint

A hygienic helping hand

We all know that hygiene is important but at work it can quickly slide down the priority list. What if some workplace issues can actually be improved through cleanliness?

06 August 2015 by Nathan Flint

5 plants that will breathe life into your office

There are a whole plethora of benefits associated with keeping plants in the office. Read our blog post to find out more.

16 July 2015 by Nathan Flint

Why your work’s bottled water cooler could be making you ill

Do you ever think about where those giant bottles of water that sit on the cooler come from? The answer might make you think twice about taking another sip.

16 July 2015 by PHS

The fireflies of the rail industry

In certain industries Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must. You may have noticed that rail workers are always dressed in orange. But why?

09 July 2015 by Nathan Flint

Tattoo parlours and best practice hazardous waste management

The lack of adequate regulations covering tattoo parlours does not discourage from poor hazardous waste disposal methods, and could lead to high health risks for customers.

23 June 2015 by PHS

In a bad mood? Here's why your nose could be to blame

Bad smells in your business can lead to dissatisfied customers and an unhappy workforce. Find out how to make a positive impression...

01 June 2015 by Paul Drury

Why lasting impressions count for staff and customers

To improve the perception of your business start thinking about these three key areas...

31 May 2015 by Paul Drury

Proving the value of facilities management

In an age where every purchasing decision is being questioned and every department is held more accountable for their actions, the value of Facilities Management is often debated.

12 May 2015 by PHS

Why you should take facilities management seriously

Effective facilities management is vital to the success of many organisations. At a corporate level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day-to-day level, effective facilities management provides a safe and efficient working environment – essential to the performance of any business.

15 April 2015 by Nathan Flint