Confidential shredding for Kent Hospital

Published by PHS on 02 December 2014

This hospital is a large medical facility with over 600 people. The general services manager asked for our help in devising an efficient and secure method for managing huge volumes of confidential waste paper.

The previous system involved hospital porters delivering and collecting sacks. This created a housekeeping problem and was a drain on the porter's time.

We recommended using lockable bins placed at key points around the hospital. The bins come in a variety of sizes. So, for medical records we used a 360-litre bin instead of 3 smaller bins.

The bins come in a variety of sizes - from 120-litre upwards. Therefore, we could size bins according to Department requirements - so, large users, such as Medical Records, were provided with an appropriate sized container.

Lockable bins have a paper slot at the top, preventing contents from escaping or being taken, as well as reducing fire risk. The system is clean and easy to use by all staff. We empty bins on a weekly basis and the client is charged only for weight of contents - therefore, no waste, no charge.

Waste paper is shredded, baled and recyled to make tissue products. Regular clients receive an annual certificate showing their contribution to recycling.

"We now have a more efficient system and PHS have proved to be an excellent service provider over the last 10 months. We also enhanced our recycling operation as PHS recycled over 25 tonnes of paper after shredding."

General Services Manager

by PHS