Floor restoration at Pennyhill Park

Published by PHS on 11 December 2014

Wood floor restoration

Pennyhill Park is a five star resort, which features wood flooring in both the historic main building and spa areas.

As an exclusive venue, guests expect the hotel to be immaculate at all times, and that includes the floors. Therefore when the studio floor in the award winning spa started to show signs of wear, with the seal worn through to the bare timber in places, the hotel knew the floor needed to be restored.

PHS supplied a full restoration service, sanding the floors to remove the damaged seal, and reapplying a specialist wood seal that would allow the timber to flex without cracking the finish and provide a slip resistant finish - both very important for a gym area. The service was completed using a 98% dust free filtration system, ensuring that disruption to other areas was kept to a minimum.

PHS have also supplied the hotel with a number of other floor restoration services, including a complete restoration of a parquet floor that had been damaged by water, and a screen and re-seal of the wood floor in the main hall area that leads to the hotel’s Michelin starred restaurant.


"PHS have supplied Pennyhill Park with a number of floor cleaning services, for both our wood and stone floors. With each job I've been delighted with the work, as the floors have looked brand new and we've received a professional service throughout the process. I'm confident that PHS can undertake any job we require for the floors at Pennyhill Park and will continue to use them, I give them my full recommendation!"

Ian Odenhall
Pennyhill Park Hotel & Spa

by PHS