Floor restoration for South Devon College

Published by PHS on 11 December 2014

Cleaning and resealing damaged vinyl flooring

The floors and walkways in South Devon College had to withstand the daily wear and tear of hundreds of pairs of student feet.

Even on its own this amount of traffic would’ve created a cleaning challenge, however when the vinyl flooring had been installed it hadn’t been sealed. Add the presence of harsh, gritty dust being moved from the classrooms into the hallways, and you had a recipe for flooring that quickly started to look stained and dirty.

The college’s cleaning company needed to find a way to clean the vinyl flooring, restoring it back to an acceptable state and importantly, to find a way to keep it looking at its best.

The company didn’t have the specialist knowledge required for this, so brought PHS in to provide a complete restoration clean of all the vinyl hallway flooring (approx 550sqm).

PHS also applied a protective seal to help protect the flooring against future foot traffic. With the restoration complete, PHS provided full training for the on-site cleaners on how best to care for the floor on a daily basis to ensure it remained looking at its best.

by PHS