Air fresheners at Las Iguanas Restaurant, Bristol

Published by PHS on 16 June 2015


Las Iguanas is an independent chain of more than 40 restaurants injecting Latin energy into fresh British produce to create irresistible South American dishes. They pride themselves on creating a unique and exciting Latin dining experience complete with great customer service.

The challenge 

A restaurant isn’t just about the food and service. Las Iguanas wanted to ensure that its customers were also experiencing atmosphere, sights and smells to complement their range of Latin-influenced food. With washroom facilities also playing a part in the complete leisure experience, Las Iguanas didn’t want any possible malodours to detract from the enjoyment of a visit.

The solution

PHS Washrooms installed Airscent Atom air fresheners in the Washrooms at Las Iguanas in Bristol. The compact, discrete units dose an atomised fine mist of 100% pure fragrance oil at regular intervals, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the fragrance of Punchy Orange creating a subtle, long lasting and effective, citrus based scent.

PHS Washrooms’ effective odour neutraliser Odouraze™ is also blended with the fragrance to ensure that malodours are removed rather than simply masked. And to ensure the Airscent Atom provides uninterrupted ongoing fragrance dispersal, they are regularly serviced by the PHS Washrooms service team, ensuring Las Iguanas staff can focus on the customer.

The benefits

The change has been well-noted by staff at Las Iguanas. The Airscent Atom units provide a pleasant aroma throughout the washroom areas which also permeates into the corridor.

The pure fragrance oil and non-aerosol operation of the Airscent Atom fits nicely with Las Iguanas’ ethos to use GM free, organic ingredients whenever possible.

Available in a variety of appealing colours, the sleek unit is designed to complement any décor, including individual Las Iguanas restaurants, from the black and white swirls of the Ipanema pavement to a bright and colourful Rio carnival, while the ability to set the unit to control the amount of fragrance dispersed means that the Airscent Atom is suitable for all areas in any location, no matter what size.

"The fragrance in the gents’ washroom is now much nicer and provides a pleasant approach to the whole area. The use of essential oils over chemicals and aerosols is a great benefit to Las Iguanas restaurants." Las Iguanas, Bristol.

by PHS