Mat cleaning at The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley

Published by PHS on 11 December 2014

Entrance Mat Deep Cleaning

The Glades received over 17 million visitors last year to its 100 plus stores and cafes, all entering through just 3 entrance ways.

Entrance matting was already in place to capture and remove foot borne soiling, however with the high volume of footfall experienced every week, the mats were found to be quickly losing effectiveness, letting foot borne dirt and moisture move into the shopping centre.

The Glades cleaning team recognised that the matting needed to be frequently deep cleaned in order to protect the centres other flooring, therefore used Interclean’s barrier mat maintenance service to provide in situ cleaning for the entrance mats on a weekly basis.


"Since PHS Interclean have been cleaning our barrier mats, they have never looked so good. The technicians are very thorough and the whole process from scheduling to the actual clean is very professional and smooth running, I would be more than happy to recommend them."

Tony Waller
Cleaning Manager

by PHS