Odour elimination for Alder Hey Children's Hospital

Published by PHS on 26 November 2014

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is one of the biggest and busiest children’s hospitals in Europe, serving a catchment area of 7.5 million and treating over 200,000 children each year. The hospital is staffed by 2,800 employees, and trains 550 medical and 400 nursing students each year.

One of the consultants in the Neurosciences and Oncology Department at Alder Hey suffered severe headaches after the installation of air freshening units in the department. To prevent the staff from experiencing headaches, the department installed BioZone from PHS Washrooms.

BioZone resolves any malodour problems with its sterilising techniques, which also combat bacteria and viruses like Salmonella, Flu viruses and E.coli. In addition, it does not release a fragrance into the air, so headaches are no longer a problem.


"Biozone has not only created a fresh and clean environment to work in but has also meant that staff members no longer complain of headaches."

June Cave, Mouchel
Signbrick facilities Manager of the Neurosciences and Oncology Department, Alder Hey Children's Hospital

by PHS