Upholstery cleaning for Scottish Hospitality and Conference Centre

Published by PHS on 11 December 2014

Upholstery cleaning and stain guarding

The SECC is Scotland’s premier national venue for events, concerts and conferences.

With over 8,000 seats in almost constant use by customers attending for both business and pleasure, it was to be expected that spillages of food and drink would occur, leaving marks on the upholstered seating. Therefore when the SECC reviewed its customer facilities, cleaning of its upholstered seating was a key focus.

Interclean provided a complete on-site upholstery cleaning service for all the centres seating throughout the main auditoriums and conference suites. Scheduling the cleaning was a challenge, as it had to be planned around the many events that were booked, fitting the cleaning into the downtime slots for each room.

Interclean used extraction cleaning to ensure the upholstery was thoroughly cleaned, including removal of discarded.

by PHS