Waste management for Heaton Moore Medical Centre

Published by PHS on 05 December 2014


Opened in 1971, Heaton Moor Medical Centre is a combination of two practices with a combined list of over 18,000 patients. The centre’s GPs and large support teams offer a broad range of services to patients. When the practice was originally established it had just six doctors.

Since then, the premises have been completely renovated and extended twice and the team has grown to include twelve doctors and six practice nurses. The practice employs around 60 people in total.

The challenge

Heaton Moor Medical Centre generates the usual medical waste you would anticipate, including bandages, swabs and sharps. The practice had a contract in place with another supplier for the collection of medical waste, but was surprised to be left stranded when sharp bins were no longer provided.

The solution

PHS were already involved with the Heaton Moor Medical Centre to a lesser degree and was providing and cleaning dust mats at the practice's entrances. Mike Gorton, the PHS North West Business Development Manager, heard of the issue the practice was having with medical waste collection and arranged a visit to discuss the problem.

Carol Shore explained the background to problem and Mike Gorton put together a proposal to extend the existing PHS contract to cover all of the practice’s medical waste collection requirements, including sharps.

“No other suppliers contacted us about our problem,” says Accounts Administrator Carol Shore. “I took the PHS proposal to our previous supplier to ask why they couldn’t deliver the same level of service. To date I’ve not had a response, which I consider very rude.

“Mike has been fantastic. He has been very helpful and the solution he suggested not only provides a much better level of service, but is also cheaper than our previous supplier.”

The benefits

The new contract came into effect February 2014 and includes delivery and collection of 27 x 1 litre yellow lid sharp bins and 12 x 2 litre orange lid sharp bins fortnightly, as well as a 770 litre bagged hazardous waste Eurobin delivered and collected fortnightly. The new contract is saving the practice around £1,000 a year on the previous supplier.

Heaton Moore Medical Centre is now functioning as it should, with efficient collection of medical waste and the supply of sharps and waste bins from PHS Wastemanagement.

“In December 2013, our previous supplier stopped providing the sharps bins we needed, leaving us with a considerable problem. So we were left with no alternative other than looking for an alternative supplier.”

“PHS has been more than helpful, not only was the company the only one to show any interest in helping us with our problem, but they have been easy to work with. For instance, we initially underestimated the number of sharps bins we would need, but Mike, the Business Development Manager, was very quick with amending the contract to supply the correct amount. It’s a learning curve, but both Mike and the PHS delivery and collection drivers are doing a great job of supporting us and it’s all going very smoothly.”

Carol Shore
Accounts Administrator, Heaton Moor Medical Centre

by PHS