Waste management for Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust

Published by PHS on 05 December 2015


The Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Trust is made up of four Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) covering the West, East, South and South West of the county. These CCGs deliver essential services at over 100 healthcare practices, ensuring that patients receive quality care and provide better access to the services they need.

The challenge

The trust required an experienced, licensed waste carrier with an established infrastructure already in place to collect clinical, offensive and sharps waste, plus pharmaceutical and dental waste amalgam, which needed to be collected from sites all across Lincolnshire

The solution

PHS were selected to provide waste collection services for the trust from a variety of locations including; GP’s surgeries, health centres, community hospitals, dentists, domiciliary and community pharmacies. This type of community based contract requires a high level of knowledge and a logistical understanding of complicated routing systems, one of the reasons why PHS was appointed to provide the service.

The benefits

We have developed a strong relationship with NHS trusts in Lincolnshire during the bid process and fully understand its waste management needs. We know that health practitioners are busy people with little time to deal with the waste generated. Our experience in this sector and our ability to manage waste from numerous sites is a real advantage for our clients.

“What has really impressed us about PHS is the level of communication it has demonstrated throughout the entire tendering and set up process. We are confident the company will deliver an exceptional service to our medical community and the PHS team’s understanding of our industry is just one of the reasons why we are working with them. We are looking forward to building a strong and lasting relationship over the coming months and years.”

Ray Wright
Waste Manager, NHS Lincolnshire


by PHS