Woodspring Golf & Country Club, Bristol

Published by PHS on 16 June 2015


Woodspring Golf & Country Club provides the perfect event location for business or pleasure. With a strong reputation for quality catering provided by experienced staff in rooms that seat up to 80 people, this popular venue is convenient to Bristol City Centre and Bristol Airport.

The challenge 

As a sporting, function and conference venue, owners David and Jane Knipe were keen to use fragrance to create the right ambience for the mix of uses. Ultimately they wanted to create that all important first impression, especially around the entrance and washroom area.

The solution

PHS Washrooms installed the Airscent Atom air freshener in both the gents’ and ladies’ washrooms. The rooms were surveyed by a PHS Washrooms technician to ascertain the most effective positions for the units and the units were professionally installed.

The benefits 

The small size of the Airscent Atom and its virtually silent operation has allowed it to be discreetly positioned at the Golf Club to provide an unobtrusive yet effective solution to odours in the washroom.

With automatic operation, the unit provides a pleasant, subtle and long lasting fragrance that lasts throughout the day.

Since the Airscent Atom operates without use of aerosols, it is a more environmentally friendly choice over alternative solutions.

The Punchy Orange fragrance, one of 4 available choices designed to complement the existing PHS Washrooms air freshening range, also incorporates Odouraze™ which helps to neutralise rather than just mask smells produced by the toilets and odours associated with sporting activities at Woodspring Golf and Country Club.

The club has received a positive response from both members and visitors who have commented on the fragrance, saying that it has improved the atmosphere around the washrooms in particular.

The innovative atomising technology means that the fragrance dispersal is so effective that each small Airscent Atom unit has also made a pleasant, subtle impact on adjoining areas.

In fact, the Golf Pro has insisted that the door to the washroom area be kept open so that he can enjoy the fragrance which also spills over into the foyer.

"The washrooms are located near to the entrance of the Golf Club. For the first time ever, the fragrance from the air fresheners has actually carried through to the entrance as well as the pro-golf shop. Numerous staff members and customers have said just how welcoming the entrance and golf shop are as a result. That’s especially great as many of our golfers are returning to the club after a day of sport, so the pleasant aroma is certainly helpful."  David and Jane Knipe, Owners, Woodspring Golf and Country Club

by PHS