Guide to flooring maintenance & restoration

Published by Direct Admin on 06 February 2017


Flooring is a key element to the look and feel of any commercial environment, from hotels and shopping centres, to schools and train stations. Therefore, to ensure that any visitors to your building are left with the best lasting impression, your floors need to look as clean and maintained as they did on the day they were laid.

By adopting the right maintenance programme for your flooring, you’ll not only display a clean and professional site image, but you’ll also prolong the life expectancy of your flooring, giving you maximum value for your investment.

With over ten years’ experience of maintaining and restoring flooring for commercial premises, PHS are the experts in the cleaning and maintenance of all types of floor coverings, ranging from carpet to vinyl, to wood and stone. Here's our guide to understanding how to maintain your floor, how to identify when your flooring need professional care and what exactly each restorative procedure entails.

by Direct Admin