Guide to the perfect washroom

Published by Direct Admin on 03 February 2017

Hand hygiene

The perfect washroom - handcare illustration

One of the quickest ways that germs and viruses spread is via hands, so making sure you have sufficient hand care facilities is paramount in maintaining cleanliness and stopping the spread of infection.

Not only this, but poor facilities leave visitors with a bad impression of your business. A lack of hot water, no soap, or ineffective hand drying equipment that leaves you wiping your hands on yourself as you leave all create a negative sentiment.

There are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure you hand care services are tip top:

  • Make sure you use good quality soap and that it is checked and stocked up regularly
  • Ensure your taps are clean and working correctly at all times – check the hot water every day
  • Use space wisely – make sure there’s enough room for as many people as possible to use the facilities at your busiest times
  • Choose the right hand drying method for you, whether it’s an electric dryer, paper towels or roller towels


by Direct Admin