Records and document audit guide

Published by Direct Admin on 07 February 2017

Basics and retention schedule

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Been ignoring that cupboard full of old paperwork in the office? Keep tripping over boxes of records from who knows when? A document audit could be just what you need to save space and remain compliant.

By law, you need to keep certain types of paperwork for specific amounts of time, but if you are keeping documents for longer than this time period, or that needn’t be kept at all, you could save space and a potential data protection breach by securely storing or disposing of them with PHS.

Before you begin your audit you’ll need a record retention schedule to refer to. You can view and download a free schedule from PHS here. You can also find our accompanying audit guide here.

The best time of year for a document audit is going to differ depending on what type of business you are.

For most businesses, the end of the financial year is going to be the perfect time, especially as this is when many existing documents will be coming to the end of their lifespan and new year’s documents will need to be stored.

For schools, a great time to audit documents is during the summer holidays (for obvious reasons). Or perhaps you’ve recently joined your business as a manager and can’t believe the current state of the paperwork.

by Direct Admin