The health benefits of plants

Published by Direct Admin on 08 February 2017

Choosing the right plant

You don't have to create a jungle in your building to appreciate the health benefits of plants - by just adding a plant here and there you’ll give your staff ample opportunity to enjoy cleaner air as well as fewer headaches and increased concentration.

What do I need to consider when choosing?

Generally speaking, all plants are good at promoting better health - it's just a case of what's best for your building and your own personal preference.

For example, in particularly dry conditions, some plants are great at raising humidity levels. As plants return 97% of the water we give them back into the air, these water loving plants help to raise humidity levels, making them incredibly useful in centrally heated or air conditioned buildings. Some water loving plants include Schefflera, Bamboos and Hemp.

Additionally, whilst most plants give out oxygen during the day, there are a few night time workers that do it the opposite way around. Epiphytic Bromeliads, orchids and succulents exchange oxygen and Carbon Dioxide at night rather than most other plants which do this in the daytime. This makes them perfect bedroom plants to refresh the air we breathe during sleep - or even to keep your night shift workers more alert, perhaps?

Here’s a basic list of office appropriate plants to consider:

  • Spathiphyllum
  • Kentia Palm
  • Dracaena Janet Craig
  • Chlorophytum
  • Nephrolepis
  • Pot Chrysanthemum
  • Gerbera
  • Phoenix roebelenii
  • Ficus robusta and benjamina
  • Chrysalidocarpus lutescens
  • Chamaedorea
  • Rhapis excels
  • Schefflera
  • Scindapsus/Epipremnun
  • Aglaonema

Still can’t choose? PHS can provide extra guidance to ensure you find the best plant for your working environment.

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