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Hygiene Services Burnley

Hygiene Services Burnley

Our experts can help you with a range of products and services including:

  • Sanitary collection and disposal.
  • Aircare purification and fragrancing
  • Hand sanitising and drying
  • Dental waste and collection servicing
  • Sharps waste and collection servicing
  • Entrance and workplace mats

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phs Group are the leading hygiene services provider in the UK, Spain and Ireland. With over 120,000 customers over 300,000 locations, supporting everything from restaurants to offices, and from hospitals to schools, we meet the needs of up to 100 million people.

Healthcare, washroom and floorcare hygiene are our business, and alongside our hygiene experts we have specialist businesses meeting the needs of specific businesses.

The leading washroom services supplier in the UK. Let us show you why, get a free quote.

We work with organisations of all sizes right across the UK and Ireland to ensure they meet their duty of care obligations and provide fully-serviced, hygienic washrooms that meet the needs of their specific visitors and staff.

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Facts about Burnley

Facts about Burnley

1. The UK's first KFC was in Preston.

England was also the first country to get a KFC outside of the USA, with the fast food giant coming to the UK in May, 1965 - and in Preston. It was almost another 10 years before McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and Burger King made it to our shores.

Harry Latham, who set up Preston’s KFC, died on May 23, 2019.

Mr Latham, originally from Bristol, opened up a new chain of fried chicken shops, Miss Millie’s - named after Colonel Sanders’ niece Mildred - which now stretch from Weston-super-Mare, round Bristol and Cardiff.

The Miss Millie’s chain remained in the family - his four daughters Ann Walker, Sheila Wilson, Kerry Baldin and Kate Ostrowski took over the running of the firm until they sold it in 2018.

2. Jelly Babies were invented in Lancashire.s

They were created in 1864 by an immigrant from Austria named Steinbeck, who was working at famous sweet shop, Fryers of Lancashire,

The sweets were invented in 1864 by an Austrian immigrant working at Fryers of Lancashire.

He was tasked with creating a new model of jelly beans, but the end result looked more like babies, thus earning them the creepy name of ‘Unclaimed Babies’, after babies who were historically left on church steps.

They were then produced by Basset’s in Sheffield as ‘Peace Babies’ to mark the end of WW1, as the product was suspended during the war due to wartime shortages.

In 1953, the product was relaunched as Jelly Babies, as we know them today.

3. A time capsule is hidden under Blackpool Tower.


Blackpool Tower was opened in 1894, with the foundation stone laid in 1891.

It cost, at the time, £300,000 to build, which is now around £39m.

The foundation stone was laid down by British Conservative Statesman, Sir Matthew White-Ridley.

A time capsule was placed under the foundation stone with his voice recorded on a phonograph, newspapers, and other items of the time period - but although a search was conducted in 1991 for the capsule, not even remote sensing equipment could find it.

4. The first motorway was built in Preston.

The Preston Bypass was the first motorway in the UK, designed by an Lancashire County Council surveyor James Drake.

Planning had begun in 1937, although there were no legal powers that allowed motorway construction until the introduction of the Special Roads Act 1949.

It was intended as part of a larger initiative to create a north-south motorway network that later became part of the M6.

The bypass was opened by the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, on December, 1958, at a cost of £3m, around £70m in modern money.

Just weeks after opening, the road had to close temporarily due to the base layer being damaged by a rapid freeze and thaw cycle.

It has since been widened from two lanes to four lanes in each direction, making it now effectively a different motorway.

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