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Local Lockdown

Is your business in an area that is in, or heading towards, a local lockdown?

phs offer a range of hygiene solutions that can support your business and help keep it safe.

We are backed by a nationwide team of experienced technicians, giving us the ability to offer legally compliant services to any business looking to contain and eradicate the threat of Covid-19.

Local lockdowns have now been enforced in several areas across the UK. The aim of these lockdowns is to keep the public safe by helping to control the spread of infection in places with a high infection rate.

The sound of a local lockdown can be quite daunting. But if councils and businesses pull together to implement proactive solutions, affected areas will be leaving these lockdowns as much safer environments.

Sanitisation is vital

We offer a wide range of hand and surface sanitisation and dispenser products that will encourage your employees, customers, and visitors to regularly disinfect their hands.

Our range of fully-serviced hand sanitiser dispensers are a stress-free way to keep your business safe. Our hygiene technicians will top up and service the dispensers at a frequency that suits your businesses footfall. And as key workers, we can guarantee to be by your side when you need us most.

For those on- the-go, we offer portable spray bottles, and hand sanitiser and surface wipes sachets. These can be provided as part of our PPE Vending Machine which is perfect for placing in key areas.


Breathe easy with Air Care Solutions

Evidence shows that Covid-19 can spread via particles in the air, and not just via surface droplets. This means that air care should form part of your businesses plan to fight Covid-19.

phs offer a range of wall-mounted and portable air care units that can remove up to 99.9% of germs from indoor air, with research suggesting that BIOZONE devices are effective at fighting against Covid-19. Our air purifier products utilise HEPA filters and UV sterilising techniques to efficiently remove germs and bacteria from the air.

There has never been a better time to explore how air care solutions can provide a safer environment for your employees, customers, and visitors.


Deep Cleaning of any environment

phs Interclean offer emergency-response cleaning services for premises requiring a deep clean after identifying a case of Covid-19. 

phs Interclean services are available 24/7, across all regions of the UK and Ireland. Upon commission, your premises will be deep cleaned and sanitised within 24-48 hours. 

Our highly qualified technicians utilise market-leading hygiene technology to deliver the highest standard of service. All phs technicians are fully trained to the highest level of health and safety standards and are CRB checked.



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