Metal lipped skate

The metal lipped skate has been specifically designed to reduce time and labour costs when packing crates. Highly manoeuvrable, a metal lipped skate allows the user to quickly pack a number of crates without ever having to lift a full one.

  • UK wide availability
  • Time saving option
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Outer lip feature
  • Ideal for use with crates
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Allows a number of crates to be stacked

The metal lipped skate is highly versatile, having been specifically designed to carry our book movers and standard lidded metal crates.

With its outer lip feature, the metal lipped skate is able to offer reliable support, allowing a number of crates to be stacked.

The user will place an empty crate on to the dolly, pack it and close the lid. Another empty crate will then be placed on top and packed until three crates have been filled, ready to be moved on the dolly to the required area or vehicle.

  • Reduces packing time and labour costs
  • Designed for use with our book movers and standard lidded metal crates
  • The outer lip feature offers high level of support, allowing for three crates to be stacked
  • Available for delivery throughout the UK

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