Nappy and incontinence waste disposal

Nappy disposal units from PHS are specifically designed for the hygienic disposal of Group E waste including nappies and incontinence pads. With a choice of sizes to suit your needs, the Maxi and Maxi-X nappy disposal units allow you to dispose of your waste conveniently and hygienically. We also provide a bulk waste disposal service for nappies and incontinence waste that's ideal for care and residential homes, nurseries and pre-schools.

  • Units feature integral fragranced germicide to prevent malodour
  • Nappy bins available in 45 or 60 litres volumes
  • Bulk waste disposal bins available in 240, 660 and 1000 litre volumes
  • Fresh disposal unit with every service
  • Disposal of large and small waste quantities
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Internal air fresheners to reduce malodours

The nappy disposal units are available in 45 and 60 litre capacities, with an integral air freshener to help combat malodours. Made from strong polypropylene, these units are scuff resistant with a textured finish for durability.

We provide complete service management including a fresh unit with every nappy disposal service, free bulk waste container delivery and installation with flexible service arrangements. This offers a practical way to manage, contain and dispose of large quantities nappy and incontinence waste.

We provide disposal units to collect the waste inside your premises, which can then be emptied into our large, secure, lockable bulk containers. PHS then empty and dispose of the waste legally and with regards to the environment on a frequency to suit your requirements.

All PHS waste transfer stations and vehicles are licensed and fully compliant with waste management regulations.

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  • Units feature integral fragranced germicide to help prevent malodour
  • The hard-wearing nappy disposal units are scuff resistant, helping you maintain a professional and tidy environment
  • Pedal operated to prevent customers spreading bacteria across the unit
  • Choice of 45 litre (Maxi) or 60 litre (Maxi X) units
  • Bulk waste disposal bins available in 240, 660 and 1000 litre volumes
  • Disposal of all quantities of waste, small or large
Nappy unit model Maxi X Maxi
Dimensions H60.3cm x W54.1cm x D35.9cm H56.5cm x W34cm x D43cm
Capacity 60 litres 45 litres
Colour Grey only Grey only
Bulk waste bin model Small Medium Large
Dimensions H107.5cm x W58cm x D72.5cm H116.5cm x W126.5cm x D77.5cm H146cm x W137.5cm x D107.5cm
Capacity 240 litres 660 litres 1000 litres
Colour Yellow only Yellow only Yellow only
Weight 13.5kg 38kg 71kg

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