Airscent Atom

Using revolutionary technology, the new Airscent Atom air freshener operates almost silently, 24/7, to deliver a fine mist of oil-based fragrance for a longer lasting freshness. Highly efficient and aerosol-free, the Airscent Atom offers an environmentally friendly air fragrance solution, that's designed to leave a lasting impression.

  • Longer lasting fragrance
  • Aerosol and propellant free
  • Choice of 4 fragrances
  • Destroys malodours
  • Full servicing provided
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A superior fragrance performance

With its revolutionary ‘Piezo’ technology, the Atom sets itself apart from conventional air fresheners. Free from aerosols and propellants, the Atom offers an environmentally friendly alternative for your workplace, delivering a continuous fragrance solution.

Using high frequency resonating plates, pure fragrance oil is forced through microscopic holes creating tiny atomized molecules that float in the air for longer, delivering a longer lasting superior fragrance performance.

The Airscent Atom fragrances are also blended with Odouraze™, an effective odour neutraliser. Odouraze™ reduces odours using unique malodour control technology where active ingredients interact with malodour molecules in the air to destroy bad smells, rather than mask them.

With four subtle and appealing fragrances to choose from, punchy orange, floral breeze, morning dew and spa minerals, there is an option for every location and setting.

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  • Atomised fragrance molecules with an odour neutralizer means a fresher environment, for longer.
  • 24/7 operation
  • Designed to bring the outside freshness into the washroom space and deliver that lasting impression.
  • Fully serviced to ensure continued, efficient, fragrancing.
  • Highly effective in any space as it can be used as a single unit or in multiples to increase coverage.
  • Available in nickel and designer collection colours for a contemporary, high quality finish.
Weight 0.52 Kg (excluding cartridge)
Dimensions H125 x W193 x D79 mm
Operation Battery operated
Colours White, nickel or black
Scents Punchy Orange
Floral Breeze
Morning dew
Spa minerals 

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