Hand sanitisers

With poor hand hygiene being the highest contributor to the spread of germs and viruses, locating alcohol hand sanitisers around your premises can help to reduce illness among your staff and customers. And with PHS, you have the added benefit of choosing between alcohol based or alcohol-free hand sanitisers.

  • Hands sanitised quickly and effectively
  • Alcohol-free sanitiser
  • Convenient auto operation
  • No waste with a non-drip, non-clog valve
  • Stand or wall-mountable
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No-touch automatic operation

Our hand sanitiser dispenser has an automatic 'no-touch' operation to prevent the cross-infection of bacteria further. The new 2 litre unit is ideal for areas with a high footfall, where it can be wall-mounted in the location of your choice.

With our alcohol hand sanitisers you also have a choice between alcohol based sanitiser or an alcohol-free foam:

Auto-gel hand sanitiser

With a minimum alcohol content of 70%, the our hand sanitising gel has been proven to kill NDM-1. The sealed cartridge also means that there is no risk of contamination, which combined with a no-touch automatic operation, enhances the hygienic benefits of a hand sanitiser unit.

No-Germs hand sanistiser

The NO-GERMS™ hand sanitiser is free of alcohol, parabens and fragrance making it the appropriate option for sensitive skin. Unlike some alcohol-based gels, NO-GERMS™ is suitable for children. Due to its moisturising ingredients, including aloe vera, lavender and chamomile, it will not irritate or dry-out the skin.

No-germs has the capability to dramatically reduce germs and bacteria in your washrooms and it is also proven to kill swine flu in just 30 seconds.

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  • Has the potential to reduce absenteeism in your workplace
  • Vandal resistant, durable and rust proof construction
  • Non-clog, non-drip valve ensures continuous reliable operation and minismises wastage
  • Both the alcohol-free and alcohol based soaps contain moisturisers for soft, comfortable skin
  • Hassle free servicing plan ensures you are never without hand sanitiser
Weight 2.23Kg
Operation Battery operated, automatic, infra-red
Size H29cm x W15.9cm x D13.8cm
Colours White
Sanitiser Auto-foam (alcohol free) or Auto-gel (alcohol based)

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