Soap dispensers

At PHS, we offer both automatic and push design hand soap dispensers to suit your needs and budget. Both soap dispenser designs are built to last with durable, vandal resistant features.

  • Reliable dispensing mechanism
  • Rust proof construction
  • Vandal resistant
  • Non-drip, non-clog valves
  • Hassle free servicing included
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Reliable soap dispensing mechanism

PHS soap dispensers are embedded with antimicrobial surface protection as standard. This protects against cross-infection and is proven to dramatically reduce the spread of pathogenic germs such as E.coli, salmonella and MRSA.

Made from durable ABS plastic, the automatic soap dispenser and push bar soap dispenser are both vandal resistant and rust proof, as well as having non-clog, non drip valves to ensure a reliable dispensing mechanism and clean wash basins.

All PHS soap dispensers are available with a choice of soaps, including NO-GERMS™ hand wash and antibacterial liquid or foam soap, to suit your washrooms requirements.

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  • Antimicrobial surface protection reduces cross infection and the spread of pathogenic germs
  • Low replacement costs due to the solid and vandal resistant design
  • Non-clog, non-drip valves for a reliable hand soap dispenser
  • Fuss free servicing
Dispenser model Push soap dispenser Automatic soap dispenser
Weight 0.42kg 0.66kg
Dimensions H22.7cm x W13.7cm x D11.7cm H22.7cm x W13.7cm x D11.7cm
Operation Push bar Battery operated, automatic, infra-red
Colour White, nickel, or black. White, nickel, or black.
Capacity 1ltr 0.8ltr

666 doses of antibacterial liquid
2500 doses of foam soap

533 doses of antibacterial liquid

Antibacterial liquid or
Antibacterial foam soap

Antibacterial liquid soap

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