Flow-saver® urinal water management system

Using innovative, patented technology, our urinal water management system ensures the perfect balance between hygiene and cost. An award-winning water saving device, the Flow-saver® prevents unnecessary urinal flushing.

  • Battery operated
  • Adjustable flush times
  • Saves up to 96% of water
  • Reliable annual servicing included
  • Product is installed by one of our professional PHS technicians
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Maximum water savings

The Flow-saver® urinal water management control system can save up to 96% (with an average of 70%) of water when compared to an uncontrolled cistern and up to 30% against an "unintelligent" system (dependent upon urinal usage).

The Flow-saver® is an intelligent flush control system that uses an Infra-red sensor to detect movement of up to 3 meters. This ensures that hygiene is not compromised in your washroom urinals but maximum water savings are made.

The Flow-saver® water management system operates a 'wake up' flush time which can be adjusted to your requirements, alongside flush intervals within those operating times. If the Flow-saver® unit does not detect any footfall, a ‘hygiene flush’ occurs once every 12 hours.

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  • Can save up to 96% of water
  • Intelligent infra-red technology allows maximum control over the device to adapt to your business needs
  • Can be used in conjuction with the Eco-shield™ to minimise water usage and improve freshness
  • Helps you meet requirements of the Water Supply Regulations 1999
Weight 0.24kg
Dimensions W12.9cm x D4.7cm
Operation Battery operated
Intelligent infra-red (range of 3m)
Linked to latching solenoid valve to suit water pressure
Colours White or nickel.

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