Non-infectious waste

Non-infectious waste, otherwise known as offensive waste, may not be harmful to human health but must be disposed of with care. Our non-infectious waste bags are specifically designed to hold contaminated clinical waste, featuring clear labels to help your staff segregate waste correctly.

  • Robust, high quality tiger bags
  • Clearly labelled bags to aid segregation
  • Expert knowledge on hand
  • Helps keep your practice compliant with legislation
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The non-infectious waste bags, are filled with waste contaminated with no known or suspected infection, such as swabs, dressings, nappies or incontinence wastes ready for disposal via deep landfill. 

Brightly coloured with distinctive black stripe, the waste bags are often called 'tiger' bags. 

Available in a large case, the tiger bags come in 5 rolls of 10 bags. 

  • Complies with regulations
  • Strong, high quality bags
  • Clearly labelled to aid staff when segregating waste
  • Expert knowledge available from our highly trained staff
Product EWC Code
Tiger bag case (5 rolls = 50 bags) 18 01 04

Instructions for use

Simply place non-infectious waste contaminated with bodily fluids from patients with no known, or suspected, infection into the Tiger striped bag. Waste includes blood contaminated waste, swabs and wounds dressings. 

Health and safety precautions 

Use this waste bag as per the instructions, ensuring the bag is not filled more than two thirds full. 


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How to seal a waste bag

Read our brief guide to find out how to seal a non-infectious waste bag correctly.

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